Sludge Treatment Facilities (STF)

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Project Background

Current Practice of Sludge Treatment

At present, landfilling is the only means for disposal of sewage sludge in Hong Kong. Sludge generated from sewage treatment works is transported by vessels (75% in total) and by trucks (25% in total) to landfill sites for disposal.More than 900 tonnes of sludge would be disposed of at landfills in 2014.



Problem Arisen from Current Practice

The current practice of disposing of sludge in landfill is not sustainable:

  • Sludge would take up precious landfill space
  • Excessive disposal of sludge would lead to slope failure at landfills, thereby causing severe disruption to operation or even closure of landfills
  • Disposal of biodegradable waste such as sewage sludge at landfill is not in line with international trends as it would produce greenhouse gases i.e. methane
For details of landfill sites, please refer to EPD website


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